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As a renowned firm, we are providing an array of galvanized iron wire. These galvanized iron wires are widely used for various industrial purposes. Our assortment of galvanized wire is produced from MS wire of different gages and coating thickness for various kinds of applications. We offers G.I. Wires in size range 0.5 to 5 mm, of consistent mechanical properties, uniform zinc coating, bright surface finish. These are mild carbon steel wires, which are coated with Zinc , so as to impart the base wire with superior properties. The Zinc coated galvanized wires are highly resistant to Moisture and mechanical damage (than other surface coatings), and have a very bright and smooth surface finish. The Zinc Coating varies from 30 to 90 gms/ Zinc Coating is done through Galvanised processes. The tolerance of theses wires is (+/-) 2.5%. The UTS ranges from 300 to 550 Mpa. Specifications Diameter :- Range 0.5 TO 5 mm. Uses :- CHAINLINK, Barbed Wire etc

INR 50 INR 50


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